GiB goes to England 2016

„One day, we went to London. When we arrived in London, we saw London Eye and Big Ben. Then we went ahead and saw Buckingham Palace, the palace of the Queen. Then we went to the Victoria Memorial. In the evening, we ate Fish’n’Chips. The day was really nice.”

Kimberley, 6c



“On the 6th of April, my class and me, traveled to England. On the 6th day in England we visited a primary school in Rodmell. At 10 o'clock we arrived and they welcomed us very warmly. At first they stared at us because we didn't wear school uniforms but a few minutes later we understood each other well. We ask them questions like “Do you like your school uniform?”, “How do you like England?”, “Do you like the teachers?” or “Do you have Doner kebab in England?”. Then, we altogether decorated shopping bags. It was so much fun! After that we had breakfast on the schoolyard. A little bit creepy was the cemetery right next to the school. When we went back to the bus we got some chocolate from the English pupils. I loved it!”

Layla, 6c



“On the second day, we were in Bodiam Castle, a well-preserved castle from the Middle Ages. After Bodiam Castle we went to Rye, a small fishing town. There we had a drawing contest and a scavenger hunt. Then we were allowed to walk through the village in pairs.”

Gina-Marie, Lili, Chantal, 6a



“On the fourth day we were at the beach in the morning. There were only stones and no sand. We saw a lot of dead fish from the fishermen and we found many shells. With the stones we built towers. Then we went to Hever Castle, which is the birthplace of Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was the queen of England. As we came out of the castle, it rained the rest of the day!”

Keanu, Elias, Liam, Paul, 6b